Proposed Increases to Guideline Hourly Rates Approved

According to the Law Society Gazette, the new guideline hourly rates as proposed by the CJC Working Group on the subject have been approved by Sir Geoffrey Vos and will come into force from 1 October. Vos went further in promising a review in two years. He said:

'The published guideline rates have been static for too long and this needed to be addressed. I am satisfied with the evidence and arguments set out by the working group. I plan to implement all the recommended changes from Friday 1 October 2021 and to that effect I have asked my officials and Master Gordon-Saker, senior costs judge, to take forward the publication of the revised guide to summary assessment".

This is good news for Claimant solicitors and also for costs lawyers who can now claim payment at grade B or C guideline rates, depending of the type and complexity of work undertaken.

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