About Us

Louise Spurdle - Director, Costs Lawyer, Accredited Mediator

BarnsChapel is a firm of Costs Lawyers based in Chester, Cheshire working with clients across the UK.

Founder of BarnsChapel, Louise Spurdle, is an experienced Costs Lawyer, member of the Association of Costs Lawyers and is regulated by the Costs Lawyers Standards Board. Her ethos centres around providing work and advice of the highest quality while maximising costs recovered.

All of our Costs Lawyers share Louise’s passion for excellent work and commitment to our clients and provide the best possible service to cater for all of our clients’ costs needs.

One way in which we, at BarnsChapel, achieve the results that we do is by forming strong relationships with our clients.  Each client is treated as an individual and their specific needs and requirements are catered for accordingly.  We do not treat all clients “the same”.  By developing strong relationships, we believe we are able to provide a better, more bespoke, service than is sometimes provided by other, larger, firms.

We also provide free training to our clients, either in-house or remotely, on any costs topics of their choosing.

In addition to providing bespoke costs services, Louise is an accredited mediator and member of The Society of Mediators. The experience she has in the area of legal costs allows her to be an effective mediator in all types of litigation, and this provides clients with the potential to avoid the more costly and adversarial method of settling a claim at trial, enabling BarnsChapel to provide an alternative approach to litigation and a wider range of potential solutions to our clients.

We believe that BarnsChapel is uniquely positioned amongst Costs Law firms to be able to offer a unique range of solutions to suit every situation, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you.

Why not find out more about how we can help? Call us on 01244 256865 or send us a message via our Contact Page.