Additional Benefits

Costs Training

In addition to other costs services provided, we offer free costs clinics to our solicitor clients where we either attend their offices in person or hold online video question-and-answer sessions to their fee earners. Free in-house training and costs seminars can also be provided, either as one-off events or on a periodical basis.

Free Courier Service

BarnsChapel offers a free and secure overnight file collection and return service to all clients. Simply call us to let us know that you wish to instruct us and have a file for collection, and we will arrange for our courier to pick it up from your offices. When the papers need to be returned to you, our courier will collect them from us and deliver them to you on the next business day.

Where our solicitor clients are instructed under a Conditional Fee Agreement for a claimant, we agree to undertake work on a no win, no fee basis. Accordingly, if a claimant loses their case and is unable to recover costs, we will not charge our clients for any work done during the course of the litigation – for example, in relation to costs budgets. As a consequence, payment of all our fees in claimant matters is deferred until successful conclusion of the case which should assist with your cashflow.

In addition, where costs are agreed without proceeding to assessment on the basis of a global settlement, we will reduce our fees by the same percentage as the reduction which you agree to accept from a paying party in settlement of your costs. For example, if you claim £10,000 profit costs but accept an offer which results in you receiving only £7,000 profit costs, we will reduce our fees by 30% in line with that reduction. Where a case proceeds to assessment we will limit our fees to those awarded by the court.

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