At BarnsChapel we have experience in all areas of litigation, from fast-track personal injury to high-value commercial multi-track claims. Our services include:

  • Preparation of Precedent H Costs Budgets
  • Undertaking budget discussions
  • Attending costs and case management conferences
  • Preparing Bills of Costs
  • Negotiating settlement of costs claimed
  • Preparing Points of Dispute
  • Preparing Points in Reply
  • Attending detailed assessment hearings
  • Dealing with Solicitors Act claims
  • Undertaking work in-house on sensitive issues for solicitor clients, where required

Some costs companies prioritise short turnaround times and low or fixed fees over quality of service.  Whilst we do keep turnaround times to a minimum, our main objective is to offer our clients an exceptional service which will ultimately ensure maximum cost recovery or, in paying party matters, provide the best possible arguments against costs claimed by the receiving party.  We believe that this provides a better outcome for our clients and is the reason why they continue to instruct us.

When we are representing the receiving party our fees are, in any event, recovered from the paying party either as part of a global settlement or as an amount negotiated separately.  This means that you effectively pay nothing for our services in receiving party cases.  For more information on our charging structure, please go to our Additional Benefits page or Contact page for an informal discussion.

Why not find out more about how we can help? Call us on 01244 256865 or send us a message via our Contact Page.